Organization of Final Self-Study Report

An Executive Summary that highlights the major discussion points, findings and any recommendations emerging from the Self-Study will precede the full report.

The body of the final Self-Study Report will include:

  • an introductory description of the University;
  • an account of how the Self-Study was conducted and disseminated, including the Steering Committee and Working Group participants;
  • an analysis of each of the seven Standards and their related Requirements of Affiliation, either individually or grouped by larger topic areas;
  • a final section summarizing the report’s suggestions and conclusions;
  • links to relevant University documents and websites will appear throughout the report.

The Self-Study Report will be accompanied by an annotated Documentation Roadmap, an inventory of Rutgers’ most relevant reports, documents, policies and procedures, enrollment and financial information and data, explanations of Rutgers planning and assessment processes and the metrics associated with them, and other relevant source material. The Roadmap will be organized by Standard, in accordance with the template provided by MSCHE.  The Documentation Roadmap will serve as the Appendix to the Report.