Organizational Structure of the Steering Committee and Working Groups

For the 2018 review, we have established a Working Group for each of the seven new Standards. Co-chairs of these Working Groups serve as members of the Steering Committee, along with selected other University leaders. The Working Groups include faculty, administrators, and students from across each of the three geographic locations and RBHS, and all reflect the diversity and breadth of our University communities. Recognizing that there may be some overlap in the charges to the various Working Groups, coordination and consultation across Working Groups to avoid duplication of effort and to identify linkages among related areas will be important to the overall exercise. In general, however, we see some overlap as adding to the rigor of the analysis and potentially producing unique insights.

The final Self-Study Report may be organized into chapters addressing each of the seven Standards and related Requirements of Affiliation; however, depending on the findings and suggestions contained in the separate Working Group reports, it may be advantageous to group related Standards into larger focus areas in order to provide a more integrated analysis and discussion of self-recommendations and suggestions.