Standard I - Mission and Goals

The institution's mission defines its purpose within the context of higher education, the students it serves, and what it intends to accomplish. The institution's stated goals are clearly linked to its mission and specify how the institution fulfills its mission.

Assemble the following, as appropriate:

  •  Statements regarding institutional mission and goals
  •  Processes and procedures relevant to mission and goals

This standard includes the following Criteria, which explicate the standard and specify particular characteristics or qualities that are incorporated in the standard. The Criteria are not a simple checklist. When an institution does not demonstrate evidence of a particular Criterion, it may demonstrate through alternative information that it meets the standard.

Standard I Criteria Documents, Processes, and Procedures

1.  Clearly defined mission and goals that:

a.  are developed through appropriate collaborative participation by all who facilitate or are otherwise responsible for institutional development and improvement;

b.  address external as well as internal contexts and constituencies;

c.  are approved and supported by the governing body;

d.  guide faculty, administration, staff, and governing structures in making decisions related to planning, resource allocation, program and curriculum development, and the definition of institutional and educational outcomes;

e.  include support of scholarly inquiry and creative activity, at all levels and of the type appropriate to the institution;

f.  are publicized and widely known by the institution’s internal stakeholders;

g.  are periodically evaluated.

2.  Institutional goals are realistic, appropriate to higher education and consistent with mission.

3.  Institutional goals focus on student learning and related outcomes and on institutional improvement; are supported by administrative, educational, and student support programs and services; and are consistent with institutional mission.

4.  Periodic assessment of mission and goals to ensure that they are relevant and achievable.