Standard VI - Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement

The institution's planning processes, resources, and structures are aligned with each other and are sufficient to fulfill its mission and goals, to continuously assess and improve its programs and services, and to respond effectively to opportunities and challenges.

Assemble the following, as appropriate:

  • The institution’s two most recent externally audited financial statements, including management letters
  • Financial projections for the next two years
  • Documentation of an implemented, systematic, and sustained institutional assessment process linking planning, assessment and resource allocation decisions
  • Institutional strategic planning documents
  • Processes and procedures relevant to planning, resources and institutional improvement

This standard includes the following Criteria, which explicate the standard and specify particular characteristics or qualities that are incorporated in the standard. The Criteria are not a simple checklist. When an institution does not demonstrate evidence of a particular Criterion, it may demonstrate through alternative information that it meets the standard.

Standard VI Criteria Documents, Processes, and Procedures

1.  Institutional objectives, both institution-wide and for individual units, that are clearly stated, assessed appropriately, linked to mission and goal achievement, reflect conclusions drawn from assessment results, and are used for planning and resource allocation.  

Strategic Planning:

 Physical Planning:

Financial and Administrative Planning:


2.  Clearly documented and communicated planning and improvement processes that provide for constituent participation and incorporate the use of assessment results.

3.  A financial planning and budgeting process that is aligned with the institution’s mission and goals, evidence-based, and clearly linked to the institution’s and units’ strategic plans/objectives.  

4.  Fiscal and human resources as well as the physical and technical infrastructure are adequate to support the institution's operations wherever and however programs are delivered.  

5.  Clear assignment of responsibility and accountability.  

6.  Comprehensive planning for facilities, infrastructure, and technology that includes consideration of sustainability and deferred maintenance and is linked to the institution's strategic and financial planning processes.  

7.  An annual independent audit confirming financial viability with evidence of follow-up on any concerns cited in the audit's accompanying management letter.  

8.  Strategies to measure and assess the adequacy and efficient utilization of institutional resources required to support the institution's mission and goals.  

9.  Periodic assessment of the effectiveness of planning, resource allocation, institutional renewal processes, and availability of resources.