Fall 2015

  • Preliminary Planning Group established to discuss recent changes to the Self-Study Standards and process, set a preliminary timeline for tasks to be accomplished, and begin discussion of themes and outcomes to be addressed by the Self-Study
November 2015
  • Rutgers representatives attend Self-Study Institute in Philadelphia


January 2016
  • Preliminary Planning Group meets to discuss Self-Study Report preparation and to advise on the selection of Steering Committee members and Working Group co-chairs
March 2016
  • Prepare Self-Study Design and first draft of the Documentation Roadmap
  • Designate/invite Steering Committee members and Working Group co-chair
March 23, 2016
  • Draft of Self-Study Design and Documentation Roadmap shared with MSCHE
April 2016
  • Steering Committee established and holds first meeting
  • Selection of Working Group members and development of charge for each Working Group
  • Reaching out to parties (faculty, staff, students, board members) for meeting with MSCHE liaison
  • Scheduling of parties to meet with MSCHE liaison
April 6, 2016
  • MSCHE liaison, Heather Perfetti, visits campus
April 22, 2016
  • Dr. Perfetti provides official guidance on revision of the Design Document and other matters related to the Self-Study process
June–July 2016
  • Design Document revised and development of the Documentation Roadmap continues; Documentation Roadmap will appear on a website that is easily accessible to all Steering Committee and Working Group members. Requests to add items will be made electronically by Steering Committee members or Working Group co-chairs 
July 15, 2016
  • Steering Committee meets to review revised Design Document and discuss specifics of the Self-Study process going forward
September 2016
  • Working Groups hold organizational meetings, review charges, and identify information required pertaining to the review and assessment of the Standard and Requirements; explicitly review the draft Documentation Roadmap, and both provide documents to be included as well as identify and request documents, data, and information needed to conduct their analyses 
August 2016
  • Final Self-Study Design and next iteration of Documentation Roadmap submitted to MSCHE
September 2016
  • Construction of Documentation Roadmap continues and gathering of Compliance Documentation begins.
Fall 2016
  • Working Groups continue to analyze, write, and revise, collecting and analyzing new data and information as needed and sharing work progress with Steering Committee on a regular basis. The Steering Committee will discuss Working Group progress during its periodic meetings, as well as receive interim updates via electronic distribution. 
  • Documentation Roadmap revised; collection of compliance reporting components continues
October 2016
  • Rutgers' MSCHE Self-Study website created
December 2016
  • First drafts of Working Group Reports shared with Steering Committee


January 2017
  • Steering Committee provides feedback to Working Group co-chairs on their preliminary reports; feedback may occur during Steering Committee meeting discussions or comments may be shared electronically
  • Community feedback sought on Working Group draft Reports
Spring 2017
  • MSCHE selects Evaluation Team Chair, in consultation with Rutgers leadership
  • Self-Study Design shared with Team chair
March 1, 2017
  • Final Working Group Reports due to the Steering Committee
April 2017
  • Preliminary draft of Self-Study Report prepared and shared with Steering Committee
  • Steering Committee provides feedback on the draft Report; feedback may occur during Steering Committee meeting discussions or comments may be shared electronically
  • Documentation Roadmap finalized; collection of compliance reporting documentation continues
  • Study team members selected by MSCHE
September 2017
  • Self-Study draft disseminated to Rutgers community (see Communication Plan); opportunities for both in-person and electronic feedback will be included
May 2017
  • Next Draft of Self-Study Report completed
  • Steering Committee provides feedback and Report is revised accordingly
  • Official first draft of Self-Study Report shared with MSCHE
October 2017
  • First Draft of Compliance Report completed
  • Self-Study Report revised based on community feedback
  • Revised Report shared with Steering Committee for final input and revised accordingly
  • Draft of Self-Study Report shared with Board of Governors, MSCHE and Evaluation Team Chair
  • Draft logistics plan developed for review by Team Chair
  • Evaluation Team Chair visits Rutgers, provides feedback on Self-Study Report draft
  • Logistics revised based on Team Chair visit
  • Dates set for visit by MSCHE and Rutgers
December 2017
  • Final Compliance Report completed and sent to MSCHE


January 2018
  • Final Self-Study Report completed and approved by the Board of Governors
February 2018
  • Final Self-Study Report sent to MSCHE and Evaluation Team members six months prior to team visit
  • Rutgers finalizes arrangements for Evaluation Team visit
Spring 2018
  • Evaluation Team visits Rutgers (before April 15th) and submits its Report
May 2018
  • Rutgers response to Evaluation Team Report and findings submitted to MSCHE
May 2018
  • Middle States Committee on Evaluation receives information about the review from Evaluation Team chair
June 2018
  • Middle States Commission meets and takes final action on Rutgers accreditation